Is the internet really Changing The Beauty And Salon Industry?

May 26, 20210



The internet has altered the beauty industry in a multitude of ways. Technology is changing the way we think about beauty but also purchasing beauty products. What’s more, social media is providing a platform for people to empower and connect with one another without any barriers. Lastly, e-commerce is creating opportunities for people to not only find what they need but also allowing them to control what they spend. The beauty industry has been changed for years. With more products and the internet, it is easier to find trends and trends that match your personal style.

This blog will give you the five biggest changes in the beauty industry that have occurred over time. Hopefully, after this, you can position yourself properly to stand out unique in the market.




5 ways the internet is changing the beauty industry




1. Unisex products and salons

Back in the day, there were two separate types of product lines and salons: one for women and one for men. This was primarily because companies that make beauty products want their customers to see the clear differences between men’s and women’s products. The same goes with salons, it was different with genders. However, with changing times, that mentality has changed.

Today, you can find unisex products in stores and unisex salons. This means you can buy the same type of shampoo that your girlfriend uses without worrying about it smelling like flowers and can enjoy a great time together at the same salon or spa. Additionally, many stores now offer a variety of different hair and skincare products. This can help you can find the perfect product no matter what your gender is.




2. Internet influence

This point may seem a little complex because it’s something that we’ve all heard before but it still affects the beauty industry. Since we’ve begun to enjoy internet technology.  We have started using our phones more and more often to find information on products and trends. This has prompted companies to produce more products that we can find online.

One of the best examples of this is the razor and razor blade companies. They have been producing razors that are water-soluble and therefore last much longer than a traditional razor. Another trend to look for on the internet is how many makeup products are available online. It used to be that you could only get products from a certain company in a certain store, but now companies are releasing their makeup line on the internet for our convenience.

Especially for salon owners, we recommend focusing more on internet influence and hire a professional consultant team who can help you achieve this. Salonshark is a top quality company that has an experienced team to work with you to build your internet influence visit our service to know more.





3. Beauty salon bloggers

This is one of the most important changes in the beauty industry. However, it has become very popular to follow a certain beauty salon blogger with a large following. For example, I may look at a product or a salon service that someone recommends on social media. Then you look at their website and it has reviews from that person’s followers, so you decide to try it! This can happen for many reasons, but mostly because makeup has become so accessible and we have all these different people recommending products to us.





4. New brands

This is another reason why we follow beauty salon blogs. Many young brands have started up and are now trying to get their point across in the beauty industry. There is no way that a brand can make it without some sort of social media presence, which usually starts with a blog! These people become “influencers” or “social media influencers” and they use their following to create trends that ultimately affects the beauty industry as a whole. Always consult a professional to help you set up a great strategy to help grow your business.  At salon shark, we provide strategic salon management service which will help to develop strategy and support to grow your salon to the next level. Visit our service to learn more.





5. Social Media

No article on the beauty industry would be complete without social media, and certainly not without this one! The Golden Age of Social Media has emerged and has changed the beauty industry as we know it. One of the most popular trends right now is to have a certain hashtag that you can use when posting your content. This will then create trends in other places. For example, if you were to post a picture of an avocado toast burger, there could be an immediate response from someone else who did something similar. This is a great way to show off your style and knowledge of trends.




We hope you liked our take on this topic. Salon and beauty industry is a competitive business. Internet marketing and promotions are a must for entrepreneurs in that world. So adjusting and adapting according to the trend is a key to survive as a salon owner. Today’s blog shows all the factors which are influenced by the internet and how a salon owner can use that information for their benefit.

If you are an entrepreneur running this business and are absolutely confused about how to go about running and scaling your salon. We at Salon shark will help you achieve your goal, all you have to do is visit us at Salonshark.

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