Exclusive 6 Salon Design Tips Which Makes The Customer Satisfied

May 26, 20210



Think of salon design as a science. It takes an understanding of people, what they want and where they go for it. But it also requires the right tools to create a rewarding experience for every person who walks through the doors: from your staff to your clients, to those who want to be clients.

Today’s blog talks about something similar to this, we all have heard about that old saying “Never judge a book by its cover” but unfortunately we are always judged by the vibe our salon or working spaces gives to our customers. Will that client show up the next time depends on how he is treated the first time.

According to our experience as a salon consultant over the years, we have seen many owners wing this one area of the business.

Especially in today’s market situation customer’s concerns about the environment and design for the salon they choose is higher than ever. Due to the pandemic, the cleanliness and sanitation in the salons is a must for your clients. In this blog, we will not only talk about how to design your salon according to hygiene but also other variables which are crucial for the customer when they look out for salons to go for.





Some advice to avoid secretive customers irk


  • Understand your customer demographic well to vet out design needs for your salon 
  • Design for efficiency and flow, not aesthetics.
  • Your products should have a reason for being there.
  • Don’t make the space too large, or too small.
  • Your salon place should have accommodation for all requirement as per your customer demographic.
  • Design to be noticed, but not in a negative way.
  • Make sure your salon have sanitation equipment. Nowadays all customers number one concern is hygiene when they step into some salon. 


Here I will share 6 important salon design tips that will help make your new salon as successful as possible.


Whether you are shopping for a salon, or you’re in the process of building and opening one, there are a lot of things to consider. With so many tips and tricks on how to build a beautiful salon, it’s hard to know what not to do.



1. Create Your Ideal Client

If you have an idea about who your ideal client is, then it helps paint the picture for your new venture. Whether you are hiring staff or building the store, you will be able to create a more successful business by thinking about who your client is.



2.  Create a Clean and Inviting Space

You want your salon to have a clean look while also having that “feet-off-the-floor” feel. It is important for there to be enough room for movement, but you also want to make sure your salon doesn’t look too big or too small. Typically a salon has around 300-400 sq feet of space. This allows for many treatment areas and the ability to have multiple people work at one time. In addition, it gives you a wide-open area for clients to find their treatment room.



3.  Start with Your Color Palette

A good salon colour palette for your room will help set the mood and style of the space. You want to make sure that you have a colour scheme that will compliment your vision for your salon. Colour theory can have a significant impact on the behaviour of clients, which in turn can create a certain mood or style within your salon.



4.  Pick Your Stylist Areas Wisely, but with Space in Mind for Every Practical Task

This includes picking out the right kind of workstations, sinks, and back areas. You want to make sure that you have enough room for your stylists and their personal workspace, as well as back areas for storage and cleaning. These are some of the most important things to consider when building a salon.



5.  Go Green!

This is an important and fun part of your new salon. You will want to make sure that as much of your salon is environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. Some easy ways to go green include recycling materials, water-wise fixtures, energy-efficient appliances, and organic products. This will help save money in the long run while also making a positive impact on the planet.



6.  Create a Relaxing Environment for Clients and Staff

Creating a relaxing environment for your clients as well as your staff is important to help create that “feet-off-the-floor” feeling. Whether it be using soft watercolours or dimmed lighting, it’s all about creating the right atmosphere.






I hope these salon design tips will be helpful to you in moving forward with your new salon!

Now you are clear about the small twitches you need in your salon that will give you out of the ordinary results you. Make sure you apply all of the advice given above in your salon, applying one will not give desirable results. Secondly, you learned about some tips which ensure you make a customer-centric environment for your customer. In such fierce competition amongst the salon and beauty businesses, customer-centricity is a good bet to put your money in. All these changes may seem insignificant to you in the first but it works wonders for the entrepreneur who acts sincerely.

If you like our approach towards this topic let us tell you who we are and what we stand for in the beauty and salon industry. To know more about us visit us at salonshark.com

The future looks bright!

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