Top 10 Unique Ways To Well Manage Your Salon For Success

May 31, 20210

If you run a salon, you’re probably always looking for new ways to squeeze more time and energy out of your day. As a salon owner, your primary goal is to operate your salon operation as effective as possible. However, sometimes with increased demands from clients, the need to maximize efforts in every aspect of your business gets critical. In such situations, all the pressure comes on the management department to deliver the service effectively as per the expectation. If due to the pressure the quality or works suffers the customer experience gets bad and complaints are being made. This hurts the business.

So here we are, ready to help with these creative suggestions that will help you handle the operations side and make managing your salon a fresh experience all over again.
And remember –

if it’s worth doing at all, it’s worth doing well!

Top 10 management tips on how to handle your salon operations.
Keep abreast of styling techniques.

Build close relationships with the salon experts. These hairstylist or colourist expert will share their knowledge with you about their styling techniques. So you can write these techniques down and store them in a database. Now, this information will help as a reference to train your new stylists when you give them training before they get on the field and manage clients. However, this makes your worker professional with skills. Also, the chances of error reduce because the information has come from a credible source.

Such management technique increases the effectiveness of your employees to deliver prolific service to your customer and gives you a cutting edge over your competitors.
Streamline all salon systems.

This includes establishing a consistent schedule for cleaning and setting up workstations, organizing product orders, keeping client files updated and conducting staff meetings. Being more efficient will not only give you more time to relax but will also enable you to increase your business skills by concentrating on ways to help your stylists market their services. You can system management software where you can manage the data and access it whenever you want. Digitalizing your management department reduces the chances of data loss or finding it from the piles of files.

If you are a startup salon owner or an established owner, wondering where you can get these services. Salonshark is here for you to visit our operations scaling to learn more.
Schedule regular staff meetings

A staff meeting is essential while running a salon. Whether you are a single salon owner or handling multiple branches at a time, staff meeting helps your employees to be on the same page.

Discuss if any changes in your salon that will need to be addressed. Develop a strategy and brainstorming sessions to come out with new marketing campaigns to attract new customers. If you do this part right you will find so many leaks in your business by solving which your salon will experience exponential growth.
Be ready when you are growing fast!

Over the years we have seen there are two essential reasons why a salon business fail. The reasons are either the salon is growing too slow where it runs out of the money to operate their business or either it grew too rapidly that the management team was not prepared for the speedy growth. When the demand for your salon goes higher pay very close attention to your management department if it’s running smoothly or not.
Use client appointment scheduling software this is a lifesaver in a growing business. Especially in the salon business, you need to keep your salon appointments and staff availability managed. You can allocate your resources effectively when the appointments are not piling up where it’s getting delayed.
Get valid feedback

Ask your stylists to review the salon’s operations and periodically conduct a walkthrough of all the systems. So there are no surprises and you get valid feedbacks on the blind spots that your business had which you were unaware of. True mentorship can help you avoid mistakes and fastens the success by three folds.
Keep it clean and running

Be sure your computer is working efficiently and updated with all software necessary for processing appointments and managing client files. Keep all of your systems up-to-date, clean out your email inbox regularly [and] protect yourself from viruses by always using the latest antivirus software. Sometimes when the new data keeps on adding up and the old does not get recycled the system starts to lag and may result in a system crash. In this, you may lose all your data which can be catastrophic if not avoided.
Keep your eyes on new trends

Be educated about what’s happening in your field through trade newsletter subscriptions, attending seminars, reading magazines and discussing trends with stylists and clients. Many business owners do pay surveys where they hire a guy to go on the street and does a survey on customers about your product. Nowadays it’s free if you use a google form to accumulate the required data on your products and services.
Research new ideas

Get creative and develop your own unique ideas for managing your salon successfully. If you have a great salon-style and product line that works well with your stylists’ offerings, put together a business plan outlining the steps you’ll take to capitalize on it. Remember, when you develop a plan for your salon it will also encourage you to stay on top of everything from day-to-day management details to keep your business growing.
Hire a predictive analyst

As big companies are growing they are understanding the requirement of a predictive analyst in their business. Same as them salon owners can also do this. The role of the predictive analyst is to take all the data of your salon at the end of the year. Like how much sales you made each month till December, how many new clientele got introduced to your business. The take all the specific data about your business into consideration and then compare it together month-wise, quarter wise and season wise.

In the end, they come up with a conclusion on which seasons of your business were strong for you and which were weak for you. On basis of this, you can put a strategy together and make improvement in your salon.
Recruit consultants

If you’re looking for ways to grow your business, hiring additional staff may be the first and best step. Consider hiring a stylist coordinator or someone who can manage and oversee salon operations. Make sure when you hire consultants, they have a proven track record of past success. Salonshark is one of the professional consultants who has helped many salons to grow at a fast pace. To learn more about us visit us at


Handling salon management is a very critical aspect of running a salon business. The size of your clientele depends on how well you manage your operations department. There were 10 tips that you can apply today in your salon and see the quality of your business changing rapidly.

As a salon professional consults for so many years, we highly recommend investing your resources in software and attracting great talent to your business. These two investments are important because when you go out to get investors, the investors don’t necessary looks at the personality of the owner they look at the sustainability of your salon. “Whether your salon is well equipped for investing their money in or not?” and salon management plays a crucial role in this.

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