How To Retain Your Salon Customers Until They Become Regular Visitors.

June 6, 20210

Retaining customers is one of the most important parts of any business. Hence, very few experts are talking about this. Most salon owners always focus on attracting new clients for the salon but neglect to retain customer which they already have.

Your existing customer will build your brand if you know how to treat them. However, secondly, life will be easier than focusing on retaining your customers instead of constantly looking for new ones.

Now don’t get us wrong we don’t mean to say don’t prospect new customers. Your new prospects will increase your clientele and your customer service will help to retain them. If you just focus on prospecting you are making a big mistake.

In today’s blog, we will be focusing on this aspect of running a salon. Where you will read about ways to retain a customer in your business and 4 things that are a big turn off to the customers.
Service Quality

Decades of research has shown that quality service leads to customer satisfaction and retention. When we are unhappy with the service we get, it reflects badly on the salon and makes us less likely to use the product or service in future.

What’s more, once a customer stops coming to your salon because of a bad experience, it’s really hard to win them back. This is why, when you provide good service upfront, you end up with loyal customers who will keep coming back for more.

We understand for aspiring entrepreneurs who have just begun their salon business, improving your service quality can be quite a task. Salon shark has got you covered. e can improve your operations in your business 10x a times. visit us at operational scaling
Rewarding experience

Just like quality, rewarding experience is another factor that can drive people to come back to your business. It is highly important because when customers are rewarded for visiting your business, they will keep coming back.

For example, if you give away a small discount on their next visit then the customer will probably say ‘well that was easy and forget about your business.

On the other hand, if you offer a few free small cosmetics products, a free drink or a tasty dessert with their purchase, chances are they will tell all their friends about your business and be back soon.
Be attentive to customer’s feedback

After coming to your business, customers usually go on social media and post reviews about their experience. A very effective way of using those reviews is being attentive to the feedback and improving your service accordingly.

For example, if a customer does not like the hair treatment in your salon, then you should put more effort into making your hair treatment better. We at salon shark can help you in this area. Check out our services Strategic management to know more
Great customer experience

One of the greatest weapons a business has in the customer service department is its connection with customers. Understanding how to provide quality customer service will help you retain customers and even attract new ones.

Customer service is more than just answering phones and finding people their lost articles; it’s about listening, understanding, communicating, making connections, and exceeding expectations.

Customer experience affects retention rates for any company that values its relationships with customers.
Make sure you have versatile services

In order for customers to stick around, they must believe that they will enjoy their visit. This means that your salon services must be versatile enough to suit almost every customer’s needs. So if a customer steps into your salon they don’t return with empty hands. Salons services such as:

  1. hair-cutting, colouring and styling.
  2. waxing and other forms of hair removal.
  3. nail treatments.
  4. facials and skincare treatments.
  5. tanning.
  6. massages
Smoking Cigarettes

You may think it’s judgmental, but that’s not the case. When the customer is buying, they want to feel good about the place where they get their beauty treatment, and they want the service to be good.

Sometimes the customer might get turn off by the cigarette smell coming from one of your employees. However, now you don’t even know that you lost a customer just because of a bad habit of one employee. So keep track that your employees don’t take too many cigarette breaks.


When you’re an entrepreneur, your image matters a lot. Because of that, it’s really important to have good hygiene. Here are few things to pay attention to:

Yellow Teeth is a turn off when someone is buying something from you or doing business with you. Yellow teeth is typically a byproduct of alcohol, coffee, or cigarettes. It can also be because you’re not brushing or whitening your teeth. It’s a turn off in the world of business.

Another hygiene issue is body odour. Apply cologne appropriate amount.
Small Lies

The next turnoff and reason why you lose a potential customer are small lies. When you showing service to a customer you say some lies just to sell it. However, this is a natural thing that most owners do because they need to sell their service.

What you don’t know is you are overpromising on your business and if you don’t out deliver on your word your credibility in front of your customer’s drops. This hurts business after which it takes a lot of time to recover to rebuilt the image.

Too Pushy

People don’t really like sales people that are too pushy. It’s better to take a little more effort than to try to push me into buying something I don’t want. If you push me into buying something I don’t want, I’ll just cancel it tomorrow, so what’s the real benefit of pushing me to buy something today?

Today we went very detailed on how can you work on each and every aspects of your customer retention.

However, you will make possible more mistakes in future like these not because you are not good but it is a process of progressing above. Remember always treat your customer royally. As you get bigger and you have more employees and staff, treat you, employees, very well.

Because if you will treat your employees well they will treat your customers well.

We hope you like our approach on today’s technical topic about how to certain retain customer and turnoffs which scares them away. Visit salonshark to know more about us.

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