Top 10 ways how to boost your salon sales in this monsoon season and one BONUS at the end.

June 11, 20210

What’s the best time to increase your salon sale? Well, with the arrival of monsoon season and this cosy weather, it seems like the right answer will be anytime soon.

We all know that the luxury of having a spa day at home only comes when we don’t have anything else to do. And with this in mind, we have created this list for you to take your salon to new heights in terms of revenue.

But before we go through the list, please note that all these ideas are based on the fact that you offer your services on the basics of good quality services and with them being more than affordable.

If you don’t have this part covered, we will suggest you do so now. This will be the very first thing that our customers will notice either by word of mouth or visiting your salon.

In today’s blog, we will learn about 10 ways you can use in your salon to increase salon sales this monsoon season. In the end, we have a bonus of 3 marketing campaign idea which you can implement as soon as possible in your salon. So tuned till the end.
1) Invite your friends and family.

By this time our customers are planning their monsoon season holidays. We are sure that you can find some sort of free time for them to spend with you and book themselves a spa day from their list. We believe it’s possible to do good service with the proper hygiene taken care of as we all know, which is why asking your friends and family will be a great idea in terms of increasing your salon sales.

Through friends, you can get referrals and get a chance to increase your clientele.
2) Bet on your winners!!

One thing that we suggest to all our clients at salon shark is always track your business season-wise. Track which product or service sales does well in monsoon season. Once you find a service for example spa, then focus more on marketing that service because it drives more sales.

Later in this blog, we will share some marketing campaigns. Once you decide which service you want to go with apply those marketing campaign idea with your service and promote them in your community.

As customers start showing you can upsell them with the other services which you provide in your salon.
 3) Design new packages and formulations

This is a must if you want your salon to grow in this monsoon season. With so many salons and retailers offering gift vouchers during the festive season, we believe there has to be something better for your customers in order for them to choose your salon over others.

You can provide complementary services like a manicure with a hair wash. We don’t recommend giving gifts all the time sometimes surprising them with extra service for free helps you stand out in the competition. Now your clients love you and will choose you over that another salon that just gives gifts and vouchers.
4) Add a new service to your menu.

We all know that our customers are conscious when it comes to their budget. So this season why not add a new service to your menu that you are not too keen on. Spa service is most demanded in monsoon time, why not hire a specialist and start this new service today.

It’s not supposed to be the only spa it can be anything you want which can make you money this season. We did a blog a few days back about making fortune on salon acquisition. Here we talked about different services you can offer to make more money in the salon business.
5) Use Facebook Ads

We know that most of your customers already favourite you on their Facebook page, but this time go beyond just posting information about your salon’s new services and packages. Try interacting with our customers and see what they would like to have in their package deals.

This is the best time to market your salon on Facebook Ads. It’s a lazy season most of the customers are on social media so, make use of it. We recommend consulting professionals in the industry to help you with this.

Visit our advertising services which we offer to learn more.
6) Do a cost analysis.

If you think that the price of the services is too demanding for your customers, take a deeper look into your pricing structure and see if there are ways you can make them more affordable.

We understand that this step might be a little complex and hiring a CPA or an accountant for this job would be very expensive. Seeing this salon shark is offering strategic management service which will help you reconstruct your price point most effective as possible.
 7 ) Reward your loyal customers.

We all know that we like to go back to the people who made us feel special, so why not show our customers your appreciation for their loyalty with a gift card, a manicure or something that can make them happier when they come back to you.

Most entrepreneurs are stingy on this part, you don’t have to be like them reward your customers and give them a reason to stay and do business with you long term.
8 ) Be active on relevant forums.

We all know that it’s easy for the customers to get information about a new salon they are thinking of having their spa day in by doing some research on forums. So why not join the groups to get updates about the latest happening in your industry and start participating yourself.
9) Create a buzz on social media.

Increase your brand awareness with help of social media. You don’t need to spend money on Facebook Ads. Social Media marketing is free of cost. If you have already not made your business account on social media, now is the time.

Post relatable content on social media with the business you run. With all the tips and hacks we discussed above the services, social media is the best platform to market it upon.
10) Offer Discounts

We all know that there is nothing better than receiving something for less price than the original. So why not start special discounts where you give something for less price to your customers. You can do this by giving offers such as buy one get one free offer, Giving small complimentary products with expensive products. This will increase the preposition of the products. Also, you will have leverage while negotiating with your customer to attract them to your business.

Before you start any of the above-mentioned activities, you must first be sure that your staff is well prepared for the upcoming season. The monsoon season could be extremely busy and you must be prepared with the right people in place to handle all your clients and customers.

However, these were just a few insights we shared that can help you increase your sales for your salon business in the monsoon season. You will come up with more as your clientele gets wider and stronger.

If you like our today’s approach on this topic do feel safe to learn about us more at

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