10 ways to keep your salon business popular

June 25, 20210

A brand is a name and a company’s image that distinguishes one seller’s product from those of others. Good branding of a salon creates an emotional connection between the customer and the product and increases brand awareness.

Over the years we have seen many salon entrepreneurs struggling with this topic. The key is to create a lasting impression that will differentiate your salon business from your competitors.

In this blog, we’ll outline 10 ways for brands in the beauty industry to increase their brand awareness in order to compete more effectively for customers and market share.

1. Host a warm luncheon 

Establish a monthly “luncheon” where you showcase new products and suggest deals for customers who bring in their friends.

A luncheon can be a formal lunch where you invite all your customers and their friends and you start an exhibition show.

This arrangement gives them a wow experience because good food is always the way to someones heart” and showcasing your upcoming new products gives them the opportunity to make a buying decision.

2. Try Facebook Ads 

Social media marketing or SMM is to reach out to salon prospects that you can convert into customers for your salon with a little push. Regular social media updates will help in getting people more acquainted with your salon.

But Facebook and Instagram ads are important beauty salon advertising ideas to get real-time customers for your salon. Facebook ads with proper targeting and budget will give amazing results.

Remember to use personalize language and generally go for video clips than image posts. However, if you are new to this platform you can always come to our Advertisement services where we help you to create your salon brand.

3. Get your salon listed in online directories.

The best way to promote your salon is through online directories. You can be listed in the largest directory of beauty salons, salon search, which has over 50 million monthly visitors and receives over 5 million interests per month. Another option is to enter beauty blogs by submitting a piece of content on your website and getting submitted for comments.

This is a successful way to increase brand awareness because users have a habit of searching online before spending money on services or products.

4. Create an email newsletter

When your clients book an appointment with you or are paying for the services used, you can ask for their email addresses. When you have enough email IDs in your database to work on, you can blast monthly emails to keep them updated about your salon promotion ideas and offerings.  You can even personalize this experience by sending individual reminders addressing them with their names along with the promotions that they can avail.

5. Create a memorable experience for the customers

There is nothing more powerful than a customer leaving with a wow experience which he or she will never forget. The main motive of visiting a salon is not just to get a haircut, people expect luxury and pampering with it.

Make sure that you create a memorable experience for your clients right from the moment they enter your salon and it should continue till the moment they step out.

If you want to dig deep and find out what specification can you bring to your salon visit salonshark to know more about this.

6. Offer complementary services

Customer loves free services and they remember it as a part of great customer experience. To increase brand awareness provide free tanning services to those who come in for haircuts or other salon services.

If you have a dedicated, walk-in location for hair services, offer free tanning sessions to those who come in for haircuts or other salon services.

If you have any add on services, like free blow dry with hair spa etc, then make sure that you coach your staff properly. They should be able to naturally up-sell add-ons or retail while serving the customers

7. Indulge in polls and quizzes on your social media page. 

This is the most common technique used nowadays. Many influencers use quizzes and polls on Instagram or Facebook platform to keep track of their customer’s interest and behaviour.

You can do this as well. Simply can run a weekly series of stories with polls, quizzes and feedback on your social media channels with incentives for participation. It will help boost your online presence and engage with customers who normally wouldn’t.

8. Attend Nation seminars and exhibition in your salon industry

This point is specifically for being a part of a community, where you find the individual who shares the same professional from you. You can say it’s not from a customer point of view but moreover an opportunity to build a solid relationship with the other business associates.

By participating in national educational events or trade shows can be a great networking exercise. You can learn how to improve your business, get new B2B working opportunities and at the same time improve your brand image.

We highly recommend one more platform we would want you to be a part of, and that will be salon shark community. This is a primary platform where you can find similar entrepreneurs like yourself. Also, increase the chances of you networking with them.

9. Share your wisdom

If you are a salon owner, who has been in the business for 5 years and more and you are doing very well for yourself. Obviously, it wasn’t just by luck, you have to be professional to reach this stage. Then why don’t take advantage of this.

You can share some hacks and facts about hairstyling with your clients, make Youtube videos on this. This is a wonderful way of increasing brand awareness and generating an influencer status.

10. Simplify your price

Pricing is the first thing that customers check when they ask for services. Too many options can confuse the customers, you should work on simplifying your pricing structure and menu. Let your services speak for themselves, keep in mind that customers spend more if they understand everything in one go.

We always recommend giving 3 options to every product or service they like, it generally increases the process of decision making.


These were the 10 best ways you can implement in your business which can help you to spread brand awareness and attract more customers to your salon. There are practically many other ways but these 10 are the best to start with. You just need to make sure your brand language and visualization are consistent and resonates with your goal.

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