Launch your salon Facebook giveaway contest in these 5 ways

July 17, 20210

So you want your facebook business page to be a force of promotion. You need to get more people to engage with your page and possibly buy from you, too. That’s where facebook giveaway contest comes in.

They can give your brand the nudge it needs in order to go from zero engagement (or even negative numbers) into the social media marketing stratosphere.

So how do you run a salon Facebook giveaway contest?

We have come up with 5 steps process to launch a successful facebook giveaway contest for your salon business.

5 step process to launch facebook giveaway contest:
Step 1: Make a list of your goals and expectations for the contest

Before you can start running a salon Facebook giveaway contest, you’ll need to make some decisions about what exactly your goals are.

Will it bring in new page likes? Is it meant to create brand awareness? Now is the time to decide on that—your decisions will affect all other aspects of running and organizing the event.

To make your planning more effective we recommend consulting a professional in the salon industry like salon shark. Visit our strategic salon management service.
Step 2: Pick a prize

Contests without prizes are dull and useless, so don’t do it. Giveaways with an actual prize are great for engaging readers, but be careful not to attract too many of them in the first place. You don’t want to make it too easy for them to win, or risk making them bored.

Another factor in picking a prize is whether or not you intend to find a real-world winner. If you’re handing out a laptop computer, surely someone will win the real prize of being the owner of the giveaway machine. This presents other issues, however. First, if you administer your giveaway yourself and do not use an agency in this process, you’ll be responsible for shipping it and paying taxes on the value of the prize. Second, if you can’t find a winner, you’ll be responsible for refunding the merchandise back to the store where it was purchased.
Step 3: Create a custom Facebook contest page

So now that we know what we’re doing with the giveaway, it’s time to set up our Facebook program. There are two main types of contests: games and sweepstakes. Obviously, sweepstakes are more popular than games. You can easily set up sweepstakes with nothing but your Facebook page by clicking on the “create a contest” button on the right-hand side of your business page:

If you’re looking for a game that requires more thought, you’ll want to look at apps. Facebook is full of them, and some of them are incredibly addictive. They tend to be paid apps, however, so you should choose one that meets your criteria. Visit our advertisement services to allow us to help you make a good facebook giveaway contest page.
Step 4: Announce the contest on your Facebook page

If you want your giveaway to be a success, you’ll need to promote it on your Facebook page. Spread the word that you’re giving away some awesome prizes—in fact, make them out to be so awesome that people can’t possibly resist.

You want to seduce them with the prize alone without even announcing the rules and regulations of the contest itself. Run it over a weekend or holiday so they have time to get excited about entering.
Step 5: Run the contest and watch it fly!

Now that you’ve seeded your page with cash incentives, congratulations are in order. You’ll need to keep track of exactly how many people entered and where they came from.

Also, if there was a winner, you’ll need to ship the prize off and go through the process of paying taxes on it. The best way to do all this is to use an agency or us.


We hope you liked our approach to today’s topic. These 5 steps will help you condense the time frame to launch your facebook giveaway contest with fewer mistakes. However, as you will grow in business you will make new mistakes.

If you are new in the salon business we would recommend seeking the help of a professional. like a salon shark. Salon shark handles every aspect of running a facebook giveaway, including everything from creating and maintaining your official giveaway page to shipping and tax collection. We ensure that your contest runs smoothly and all the way to the end without any hiccups or issues. Visit

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