Does your salon client like the ‘new normal’ client experience?

August 5, 20210

Most of the Clients will wonder if their therapist/stylist can keep them safe over the next coming weeks and months. Seeing the recent circumstances of covid-19, this has been a big question.

As a salon entrepreneur, You’ve invested a lot of capital in the best PPE kits and set up strict covid-19 precautions in-salon systems.

How will the new salon experience make your clients feel? Have you thought about it?

This is something every professional in this field is wondering about. As extending lockdowns and time restrictions to operate your salon has hugely affected numbers of new clients coming in. So, we need to make sure a salon service business our customer experience is so good ‘under covid-19 rules’ that our existing clients what to give their business to you and you can get new clients with help from their referrals.

If a client starts to feel unsafe during their beauty or hair appointment this can quickly lead to high levels of anger and frustration.

Seeing this we have to come up with today’s blog about how to make the ‘new normal’ salon client experience better for your customers. So without wasting any time let’s get started.

Develop trust with your salon clients

Build trust by following up with clients about the operation, explaining what they can expect to happen, and making sure they feel comfortable with your covid-19 safety procedures.

The little details that you keep in mind about your client dictate whether to build trust or destroy trust

There are two ways we can go about doing this:
1. Keep your covid 19 safety commitments

It’s easy to cast big promises about client safety hygiene standards in your salon.
But are you and your team consistently following up (and presenting) on your word?
Do your customers experience to feel these promises are fulfilled or do they not?
Because in the however way your salon is operating, it gives an image to your client about your brand. And failing to deliver on safety or hygiene promises you made on salon social media, in your e-newsletter or on your website is the #1 way to break trust.
2. A consistent experience at the salon

On your first post-lockdown appointment, your client was impressed with how organized you were and the systems you use. You got a satisfied and happy client.

But nobody knows how long this pandemic is going to be with us and you need to consistantly keep your service good constantly irrespective of any variable thrown at you.

It is only when the team walks the talk at every encounter that trust is built.
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Reassure during their salon visit

In today’s world, customer touchpoints are more important than ever.

When you plan for your clients’ safety, think about how to reassure them during their booking process, when they arrive, when they meet you, and before they pay.

By anticipating possible pain points, you can develop them into meaningful touchpoints. Those moments create trust between customer and brand.

Satisfied customers will feel secure to set up their next reservation before they leave.

What steps can you take? Here are 5 practical marketing ideas:
1. Maintain client expectations

To achieve this make your customers receive an email explaining your new covid-19 procedures Please let your audience know what to expect when they arrive.
Or you could make a covid 19 safety page on your website and point it at while booking an appointment online.

During the pandemic crisis, many businesses have gone digital and taking their appointments online. If you haven’t done it already don’t be left behind visit our salon discovery platform service, where we will help you develop an appropriate online platform for you.
2. Make sure you reassure your customer on the given day

Don’t let them wonder about your cleaning processes. If you haven’t done it already, reassure them in advance how often and fully you cleanse.

And set up signs in the salon to reinforce the action that you’re taking.
3. Provide them with a solution before they ask

Don’t let your customer figure out how to go about doing the procedure alone. Help them guiding it.

Make sure to inform your customers about “When you book with us, we’ll let you know that we’ll provide a fresh face mask and bottled water”.
4. Reduce any unexpected hurdles in the day.

Exclaim about the including of supplemental PPE charges, or other changes to the payment process, before and after their booking.

An unexpected increase in the price of PPE may be damaging to a company’s relationship with its customers and employees. If they see this as a sign of mistrust, they may refuse to come again.
5. Do not add to their anxieties

If your restrooms are about to be closed, let everyone know in time or have signboards for them.
And if you aren’t offering cloakroom facilities spell it out in advance and ask them not to bring coats and bags if they can help it.

How to handle pressure type situations:

Hopefully, if you’ve built a strong trust and given the best client journey expectations in advance you won’t find yourself in a conflict situation.

Yet, we’re concerned and worried about our health and safety. Which can lead our emotions high, and any little thing can provoke unwell behaviour

When you’re coaching the team on how to handle a client in a covid-19 precaution situation, expect that the client might be confrontational and slightly aggressive.

If the team find themselves in situations where other people are not hearing them, their confidence and position may be eroded. It may be because they are unaware of what caused the client behaving like this or they don’t know how to deal with it.

One way which you can teach your team is to handle a pressure type situation with correct harmless own body language.

  1. Use open hand gestures.
  2. Keep arms and legs uncrossed.
  3. Don’t raise your voice, and use firm but reassuring language.
  4. Avoid frowning or screwing up your eyes and face.
  5. And above all, don’t mirror or match the client’s behaviour.

Once you have built trust between client and brand you can drastically improve customer satisfaction.
You will have an edge over competitors who are struggling as well in the covid-19 situations.
We hope the above guides are useful to you and your team to make more clients and make your existing clients feel good and react to the ‘new normal’ salon experience, and how you can adapt your client journey to build trust, reassure them and convince them to rebook.

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