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August 5, 20210

Recruiting the right type of employee in your team will be one of the most crucial decisions you have to make in your salon. As a consulting agency, working in this industry for a long time now we have come across one reason which stagnates the growth of a salon in a massive way.

We have seen many salons who have more capacity and better market than others which can grow to big heights but they always stay small because of one mistake they do over and over again. And that mistake non-other than hiring the wrong employee or numerous employees in your salon business that completely disrupts your work culture. However, in a later run, the wrong fit of employees in your team becomes a big turnoff to your clients and affect your weekly business coming in your salon.

You need to evaluate whether an employee is a good match for your company and your team or not. To achieve this recruiting skill you need good intuition and a better system to hire these employees in your salon.
Seeing this we came up with five factors that you should consider before making an offer for a new employee. So without taking any more time let’s get started with today’s blog.

Five Factors to Evaluate Whether Your Salon Employee is Great Fit for Your Company or Not

1. How long have you worked in the industry?

While interviewing a new employee it is very important to understand if they know the industry or not. If they do then you need to know how long they have worked in this industry?
The reason being, an employee with some experience will know the recent changes that have happened in the industry and will understand how to handle them on their own. However, if you are hiring an employee who has no experience or never worked in a salon before then I would suggest you hire them as your intern.
Your client will feel the difference when they are being attended by your employee whether he has competency about the work he is doing or not. Our recommendation is always to do a background check if you are hiring for a higher position like salon manager or supervisor.

2. Read Their Body Language

This is an important aspect when it comes to presentation skills. Appearances do matter especially in a service business like a salon.
Look for clues about the employee in arm movements, gestures, handshakes, and eye contact. Pay attention to the employee’s arm movements when shaking hands or patting an audience member’s back. Understanding the body language of an employee can reveal how they’re feeling and what kind of person they are. It can also tell you if that employee is interested in your opportunity.

3. Evaluate Their Work Ethic and commitment

This is the most important factor to judge whether an employee is going to be a good fit for your company or not. To evaluate this you can ask some of their previous employers or try to take a look at how they handle their tasks. One thing we recommend to every client when they hire staff for their salons, that always micromanage your employee or employees until you trust them. Give them a probation period where you judge their work abilities and performance under pressure.

We understand finding the right employee can be challenging and time-consuming because of which were encouraged to check out our human resource solutions where we have various ways to get you around a pool of well-talented d employees who will be an absolute match for your salon.

4. Notice the questions they Ask

A credible employee must have questions about the job, your company, and its culture. Are the questions thoughtful?? Do they reveal their enthusiasm for the role? You can learn a lot about someone’s preferences and how they process data by sitting and listen to them asking questions. Well asked questions indicate the research skill an employee has it tell a lot about whether he/she can fit your culture or not.

5. Ask Them About Something They’re Passionate About

People who are passionate about something tend to have a better work ethic and tend to be more engaged in their jobs. This is an important quality of an employee you should look for in any candidate. Check out if the employee is passionate about something or not at the stage of the interview itself. Passionate employees usually get things done fast with pride and precision than someone who is not passionate about what they do. It also helps you find out what motivates them which in the longer run makes it easy for you to lead them.

3 major red flags to avoid while hiring an employee

1. Bad Attitude

A bad attitude is the most common mistake that any new salon owner must avoid. When an employee attitude is not positive then it can destroy the company too. And it will affect the team morale and even since they also will not be motivated to work.

2. Give Reference number

Generally, when you are hiring a specific employee you may notice they have given no number from their previous jobs for the character verification. This is generally because they have had a bad relationship with their previous boss. Avoid this red flag at every cost.

3. Lying and Deceiving

Lying can be deceiving too. While hiring a new employee in your salon you can easily figure out if he/she is lying or not during the interview. If there is something that the candidate is not revealing to you during the interview period then probably they have done or had some flaws which they want to hide from you. So try to go through their previous work profile and perform some research on them before hiring them


So these are our 5 factors to evaluate before you hire employees or employees in your salon and the top 3 red flags to avoid at every cost. This is a system that is given to you so next time when you hire an employee you will know which one is the best fit for your salon.
One Major takeaway you should take from this blog will be with help with this recruiting process once you hire an absolutely wonderful team who fits your culture. Nurture them, take care of them do not make this mistake to let them go to your competitors because one thing should embrace is your employees spend more time with you customer as you do. So if you take care of your employees they will be motivated to keep your customers happy.
If you liked today’s blog and want some more information nf how can we help you get in front of some very talented employees visit our page human resource solution at salon shark?

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