7 steps to make a social media marketing plan for your salon business

August 5, 20210

In this blog, you will learn about the importance of social media marketing and how it contributes to your salon success. You’ll also learn about some general social media principles as well as discover a clear step-by-step process to create an effective salon social media plan.

There are many different types of professionals in the salon industry including stylists, estheticians, administrators, educators and more. Luckily, social media can be used in multiple ways to promote brands and grow your business.

Businesses today can benefit from using and creating engaging, interactive social media content on a variety of sites. These include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other networks to promote business expertise and the products/services you offer.

With the help of a strong social media presence, your salon success increases dramatically since consumers are able to quickly learn information about you and the salon as well as easily connect with you.

Thinking of this we are sharing a 7 step process that will help you to evaluate to make your next social media marketing plan for the salon.
So, without taking any more time let’s get started.

7 step planning on creating a social media marketing plan

1. Evaluate your current social media marketing plan:

It’s tempting to jump right into the next year, but it will be more effective if you take a break and strategize what went wrong last year.
Evaluations start by answering a few questions like:

A. Which social media platform are you active on?

According to our opinion, the best social media strategy for a salon or clinic is Facebook and Instagram. These are where your target audience is most likely to be.

B. Which type of post do your followers engage with the most?

Videos, link posts, your own images or GIFs? Learn analytics behind the post. Review them and make a note of the ones that catch your attention, in all likelihood, you will identify a pattern. Check is the content, its time or type of post, or day of the week? It’s hard to know which posts are the most popular with your followers. But what they like is more important than what you think they should like.

C. How has the follower traction has been so far in your social?

This suggests checking the demographic of the majority of the audience who is following you. Keeping track of monthly followership, has it increased or not?  If not what strategies can we put to increase it.
To help you with this our social media expert sat salon shark can help you with this. Visit us to learn more.

D. How is your salon brand is perceived by the audience?

Does your page have a common theme or do you simply post the content when you find time to post? Having a common theme suggests professionalism.

E. Do some homework! See how are your competitors marketing.

How does your marketing on social media compare to your competitors in the salon industry?
Put yourself in the shoes of a potential new client deciding who they are going to book into. What influence would they have on your social media than others more popular? Those first impressions are crucial when it comes to attracting new clients.

2. Set your social media marketing goals.

Do you have a clear idea about how your salon can use social media to grow and succeed? If your answer is yes then you know and concentrate on, what your social media marketing plan is.

Here are some possible goals of social media marketing that some salon businesses strive to achieve.

  1. Attract more traffic to your salon business website.
  2. Build up your brand name awareness.
  3. Maintain loyal clients to enhance retention rates
  4. Invite people and built your community
  5. Establish your beauty expertise or aesthetics.

Once you have outlined the goals for your social media marketing campaign then your content should always be related to the goals of your company.

3. Target the right audience on social

Have you thought about who your audience will be on social media? It’s very important to take steps to make your salon more attractive and having a specific niche makes it easier for a business to fetch more potential clients.

Mostly many Hair and beauty businesses have two to four target audiences.

You can probably think, “But how do I recognize who my intended audience is?”

Start by looking at your topmost profitable clients and you’ll see certain patterns emerging relating to their demographic.

Few factors to keep in mind before you select an ideal customer

  1. Their age range
  2. What are they interested in?
  3. What are their pain points?
  4. What kind of content do they want?
  5. Where do they live?
  6. What do they need to accomplish their goals?
  7. Broad income range
  8. Preferred social platform

The best way to make more money is to prioritize your clients. Write posts that speak directly to your niche market. Appealing to all markets does not work.

We understand so much work can be daunting as well as an entrepreneur but not to worry! Salon shark has got you covered with our strategic management services which will help you with finding ideal customers and strategies to attract them. Visit us to know more.

4. Deciding the right marketing message that fits your brand image.

The next step is to decide on the right brand image, voice, and marketing messages to use on your social media. In a word, what sort of effect do you want people to experience when they read your social posts?

So let’s start by learning things to avoid while setting up a brand image:

Stay on the message that aligns with your salon identity. If a post or content doesn’t have to do with beauty, hair, or aesthetics then don’t publish it. Posting unimportant posts or shares will make your organization fail on social networks.

Now how to set your salon image

Typically, Your brand image is the way clients and potential clients think about your business whenever they see, hear, feel or experience it. That’s the crucial first impression.
So, next time you have a confrontation in your business or solving a customer complaint keep the brand image in your mind, that everything you say directly affects your salon’s image.

5. Now its time to set up your social media marketing plan

So far we have discussed setting up the groundwork for the marketing plan but now we will discuss how to implement that.
No matter how brilliant your plan is, you need to put it into practice. You are busy running a beauty or hair business, so the next step is to plan out how you’re going to deal with the day-to-day running and organising and delegating of your 2021 Plan.

Day to day social media marketing falls under two categories which are who will do it and what will they post.

1. Who will do it

A. Creating the post :
This is a decision-making stage here. As a salon entrepreneur, you need to make a decision whether you will create and design the post or will you delegate this to some other professional. Mind you, you can’t be stingy in this matter. Just to save money don’t do this task winging this area can put all your work in vain.
If you feel confident writing posts and you have acquired the right skill base for creating eye-catching social graphics, writing advertisements or creating posts people want to engage with then you should probably do it yourself. If not better be recruiting. We recommend a visit or human resource service to allow us to help you provide a perfect match for a designer for your salon.

B. Monitoring and replying:

The above principle applies here as well. If according to you the ROI of this work will be more then go ahead to do it if not hire!!!

2. What do they post?

This suggests you, as an individual or as a team you need to decide what and when you’ll be posting according to your marketing plan.
You can start with the monthly theme. For ex, February could be Valentine’s, March Mother’s Day and November is always Christmas.
However, your monthly theme need not be event-based. Summer beauty and hair’ is a good way to describe your June marketing campaign. Just choose the main theme for each month and write it on your calendar.

Some portable content for different months of the year:

  • Present a new teammate or persona to your page.
  • Share behind the scenes – training, team night out, your salon refurb.
  • Post client testimonials and thank them.
  • Offer practical hair and beauty tips.
  • Comment on the latest runway trends.
  • Snap that beautiful bride or pamper party.
  • Inject some fun with a National Day #PyjamaDay
  • Give your favourite charity work a shout out.
  • Talk about a local business (and ask them to return the compliment).
  • Support local community ventures.
  • Educate followers about treatment/services.
  • Unbox a retail product and show how to use it.
  • Run a social competition.
  • Share content from others (curated content).
  • Before & After photos are a key tool for marketing your beauty or hair business on social. Just don’t overdo it. I know it’s easy posting, but endless Balayage, lash perms or nail art may make your business sound a bit one dimensional.
6. Decide on a budget.

It can be difficult but you have to invest money and time if you want to grow your business via social media.

The social networks aim to increase profit and they want you to subscribe. Relying on organic posts means your followers will only see 3%-5% of the posts you spend hours crafting.

We’re starting to see the decline of Facebook organic reach and engagement in Instagram too.

Facebook owns Instagram, and since they own it, their algorithm is changing organic reach. but it means fewer people see your posts unless you pay.

Facebook advertising is an effective way to reach a targeted local audience. But it can also be an expensive squandering of marketing attention if you’re a novice.

Writing quality content isn’t something you can just do in isolation. Your audience needs to be warmed up constantly. You can do this with a Business Page that they enjoy and interact with. To get to know, like, and trust you, your company needs to advertise for that you are required to pay a certain premium.

For some aspiring entrepreneurs, if you are facing difficulty getting investors to invest in social media marketing from we hight recommend contacting salon shark where we provide funds to the salon entrepreneurs to grow their salon.

7. Measure and Evaluate.

Now that we have come to the last part of the blog, after all said and done you need to track your strategy per month. Such a social media marketing plan take approx 30 days to blossom. So here are few factors that you need to keep in mind before you start to evaluate.


  1. Increase: in the number of followers.
  2. Reactions: on your posts: Likes, Comments, Shares.
  3. Reach: how many people are actually seeing your posts.
  4. Click through rate: from your posts to your website.

If your marketing efforts are not effective and are not working, then don’t be afraid to change it. You need to be responsible and prepared for any situation. When you put your mind to it, you can reach greatness. A salon marketing plan needs to be flexible; don’t feel committed to an activity and must “stick at it.” When you see a number of different ways in which your target market responds, you can pick and choose.
If while executing this 7 step process to create a social media marketing plan if you get stuck anywhere you can always visit salonshark.com

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