Write a perfect slogan for your salon with these 10 simple tricks.

September 9, 20210

Are you new to the salon business? Have you had some trouble coming up with a slogan or tagline for your salon? There are many things to be considered when creating a good slogan. Read on to learn more about what makes for an effective brand slogan!

We’ll teach you everything you need to know, from how this type of advertising originated, who is the best spokesperson, and what makes up a great slogan. You’ll learn about different types of slogans and how it is important that they reflect your business’s mission statement. What is a Slogan and Where Did it Come From?

A slogan is a short memorable group of words or phrases that have been used for many years to promote consumer products and services. The goal of a slogan is to create an identity for your business and establish your product or service in the mind of the customer. A good slogan will reinforce your marketing efforts.

Do you want to create a slogan for your salon? A great slogan can be a powerful tool to distinguish your business from the rest.
You can create a tagline that will be used in conjunction with your logo that will reflect the type of business you run. Seeing the need for this we came up with today’s blog where we will talk about how can you write an appropriate salon slogan which will help you market your business well in front of your customers.

Use these 10 tips to create an effective salon slogan.

1) Keep it short and memorable!

Your slogan should be less than 12 words long, and ideally 4-5 words. Using an acronym can work well with this rule, such as “EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE” (the BEST Salon).

2) Get creative

Your slogan is not meant to appeal to everyone (if it did, it wouldn’t be effective). Think about your target market and what they would like to hear. Think about what makes your salon unique, and then focus on that and stop pleasing every one.

3) Be specific

Avoid being vague. Paint a picture for your customer of what you are offering them, how it will make their life better. Make them see the value in your product or service. For example: “To feel beautiful (value proposition), come to get your hair done (key action), at Salon de Chic (brand name).”

4) Keep it real

Don’t be phoney. Your slogan should reflect the actual experience of your customers, not what you wish it would be. What is the reality of your business? Do you provide what you promise? Does your customer service make people want to come? For example: “You’ll leave feeling like a princess (experience) at The Hair Palace (brand name).” You can visit our website

5) Stay focused.

Eliminate distraction. Your slogan is meant to support your business, not to promote every aspect of it. An advertisement in a window is an effective way for your salon to entice current and potential customers. Customers who see this sign may assume that the salon is busy. However, if the customer has no appointments scheduled. Keep it simple!

6) Avoid jargon

The use of industry jargon in a slogan will only work if all of your customers are familiar with that language. If you are not careful, you can confuse or mislead your audience. You don’t want customers to have to go searching for a meaning of a word or acronym right when they arrive at your salon.

7) Be friendly 

A friendly and inviting slogan will make potential customers feel comfortable and at ease. This is important when they will not be afraid to come into your store, even if they are unsure what you’re selling your customers will have an open approach. Stay away from industry jargon and make it clear to the customer that you’re interested in what they want.

8) Don’t be sleazy

Just like any other business, you want your salon to be reputable. Your slogan should be appropriate for anyone. Don’t use words that are offensive or inappropriate; it’s not only unprofessional but could also get you into legal trouble. If you say you’re “cheap, fast and easy!” then those should be your main selling points (not necessarily in that order!).

9) Don’t be boring

Stop trying to sound like everyone else. A clever and catchy slogan can be used to make your customers more likely to return. This kind of slogan is often called a “call-to-action”, and it’s good for advertising. If you’re trying to copy the same brand of shampoo, don’t use their name – do so and you risk coming off as unoriginal.

10) Be personal

Speak directly to the customer and let them know you understand their needs (rather than your salon needs). A slogan should speak to the customer, not the company. You want people to remember it and repeat it. That’s what will make them come back for more, and you’ll be able to charge at a profitable margin. For example: “Come see the difference between a good salon and a GREAT salon!”

Why Salon Slogans are Important?

Ensuring you have a catchy salon motto involved in your business. You should know that it is just as important as your salon name! Your salon slogan should be easily understandable and reveal your objective, your mission. Take a look at some examples of our salon’s taglines. Get inspiration, and create your own tagline.
However, we understand making an appropriate powerful slogan is essential for your salon and it does not come perfect in one go which is why we suggest to visit us to learn more about our advertisement services where we can help you write well slogan which will give your brand new stronger identity.

Find successful examples of salon slogans below.

1 . Oribe Bridal Saloon is known for its boldness in advertising, vowing that “You won’t find another bride like us!” The saloon is owned by Oribe Haircare Products, which is distributed throughout North America through salons. Oribe Haircare Products is famous for its hair styling products, most notably Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing hair cream, which was featured in the pages of Vogue.

2. Arty Hair Gallery is an award-winning hair salon with locations in New York City and Miami. Their slogan, “your best haircut”, is simple and leaves no doubt about their value proposition (customers will get a great haircut here). Arty also uses the line “A cut above the rest” to emphasize this message. H. R. Smith Salon in Palm Beach is known for its female-exclusive, “I want you” slogan which cements their strategy of making girls feel beautiful and special.

3. Hair Designers Guild in New York is known for its slogan “We do hair like you want it to look, not like everyone else wants it to look”, which reinforces their focus on creativity and individuality. Their hair salons also use the slogan “Hair you can trust” to further reinforce this statement.

4. Studio 360 Salon is known for their slogan “You’ll never find another salon like us, Go see us today!” which embodies their uniqueness and makes clear that they do not offer any services that other salons do.

5. The San Diego Spa – Your Closest Access to Wellness – is a spa and retail spa retail salon located in San Diego, California. The San Diego Spa uses the slogan to promote their spa services, which include facials, massages, facelifts, cellulite reduction, spray tanning and more.

6. Kara’s Hair & Nails Salon is an independently owned salon in Tacoma, Washington. Their positive, upbeat slogan “Make yourself beautiful!” embodies their mission to help customers feel good about themselves after a visit.

7. Hair Stylists Inc. is a beauty salon located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their slogan “To be beautiful, come get your hair done” makes clear that they offer haircuts and other services to help people feel more beautiful. Hair Stylists Today is located in Kansas City, Kansas. Their slogan “Everyone deserves to feel beautiful” is an encouraging message that promotes their focus on youth and beauty.

8. Nouri Salon is a hair salon located in Rochester, New York. They advertise “We will make you look like a million bucks!!!” which makes clear that they are the best hair salon in Rochester because of their magic tricks, great deals and exceptional services. Salon de Chic is a hair salon located in New York, New York. They advertise “The Best Salon for Everyone”, which makes clear that they offer premium services for all kinds of people and that each client will leave with a feeling of having received the best quality of service possible

9. Your Beauty Connection is a hair salon located in Santa Clarita, California. Their slogan “Your beauty connection” makes clear the fact that they help customers achieve their beauty goals through hair extensions and other hair services.


A good new salon slogan can be a very useful marketing tool. It can help your salon stand out from the competition and reinforce the unique qualities that make you stand out.
The idea is to make sure you something about your business and doesn’t just say something about you (i.e. how clever or artistic you are). That kind of stuff looks good on your wall of fame, but not in your advertising material!

For the aspiring entrepreneur in the salon business, you would need some help in making a good first impression with your slogan, however, many consultants say “it’s okay to try again and again if the previous slogan didn’t go well” and don’t get us wrong its true somewhere but having one right slogan after a bunch of failed ones hurts the brand. So we recommend you to visit us to learn more about our advertisement services where we can help you write a good slogan which will give your brand new stronger identity.

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