Top 10 salon product updates for your salon business in 2021

September 13, 20210

One of the best ways a business can succeed is by implementing new technologies and updating its salon products accordingly. This allows for an up to date look, which in turn attracts new customers with similar tastes.
The salon industry is changing rapidly. That is why businesses need to stay updated on the latest changes in their respective industries so they can be prepared when things change.

When your clients come into your salon, they will look at all of the furnishings and salon products, and it better match with what they are accustomed to seeing in other salons.

Otherwise, as you risk losing them to a competitor.
It’s best for your business if you stay one step ahead of everyone else so that you can be prepared when new trends come up.

As an influencer in the industry, some trends are hard to miss. We have put together the top ten most important salon products updates you will need to make to stay relevant and dominate the market.

These 10 salon products updates will help prepare your business for what is to come.

Top 10 salon products Updates for Your Salon Business in 2021
1. Remington Pro Curling Wand Hair Styler

“This styler is one of a great salon products update to the traditional curling iron because it has a ceramic coated barrel which effectively maintains heat and distributes it evenly around the barrel. This allows for curls to last longer and look more natural as opposed to iron curling wands which usually make your locks look more like a wave than a curl. It also features an LCD temperature display, Remington’s own technology that heats up the barrel evenly and quickly. It has a 1 inch and .5 inch attachment which allows for effortless curling, and it even has a hump down the middle of the barrel to make it easier for you to curl your hair with only one hand.
2. Bio Ionic 10X Dryer

“This dryer is great because it has an ionic generator as well as tourmaline technology. It boosts shine and vibrancy, as well as making your hair look healthier and stronger. It comes with two attachments. One is an ergonomic handle that allows for quick and comfortable use, but the most outstanding feature of this is the ionic generator which creates an ionic mist that unlocks your hair’s natural oils, boosting shine and increasing volume. It also includes a diffuser for texture and direction control. We understand sometimes being able to keep your salon be updated as a spring entrepreneur can be expensive. However, Salonshark has solved this problem with you. We provide decent secure business funds to our clients to help your salon grow relentlessly. Visit us to learn more.
3. Redken Diamond Oil

“This hair oil is great because it strengthens your hair while making it look shiny and healthy. It also prevents colour fading during the colouring process, and it’s infused with Redken’s diamond dust so it has a nice shine to it. It will be great to include in your salon for people who are looking for shiny, healthy hair. It’s a great update to the traditional hair oil.”
4. Morphe Brushes

“These brushes are great because they are synthetic, vegan, and are very reasonably priced. They have to stand up to professional use and still look great after numerous washes. They also come in many different shapes and sizes, which allows for different looks for your clients. This will be great to update your salon products so you look more modern.
5. Air Dryer For Blowdryers

“This is a great product because it eliminates the need for customers to have to wait several hours for their hair to air dry when they want to leave the salon. It is attachable, so once you have attached it, you can blow-dry your client’s hair while simultaneously air drying it. It also reduces drying time by 40%. This will be great to implement into your salon because it is a time saver.”
6. Maybelline The Eyestudio Master Liquid Liner

“This product is the best few of salon products. This is great because it’s waterproof, smudge-proof, and has long wear. It comes in 12 different colours so you can find one that compliments your client’s eyes, hair colour, and skin tone. It can be used to line your eyes or to create eyeliner in the inner corner of the eye to create a cat-eye look.”
7. L’Oreal Paris Voluminous False Fiber Lashes and Superstar Mascara in Blackest Black

This is a great mascara because it has a unique brush that allows for an even application of mascara. It’s great if your clients want thicker, longer eyelashes. It also has a unique fibre formula that will add more volume to your client’s lashes. If you want to keep yourself educated about them visit us here to become our part of the community at salonshark.
8. Best Sulfate-Free Shampoo: Prose Custom Shampoo

No matter your hair type or hair goals, Prose’s custom-blended shampoos promise to nourish, sulfate-free formulas enriched with a unique blend of natural actives. Simply take the online questionnaire to find your perfect hair wash; Each shampoo is tailored to work for your specific needs, whether you need a scalp to cleanse, hair strengthener, or any other type of treatment.
9. Best Shampoo for Color-Treated Hair: R+Co Bleu Primary Color Shampoo

Refresh colour-treated hair with renewed vibrancy after every wash. With Bleu Primary Color Shampoo, your hair and scalp will be clean and your colour will stay bright. Just a few uses a week is all it takes to keep your hair in great. Hibiscus flower and clove extracts protect against colour fading and breakage as cactus extract restores cuticles with a hydrated shine—and when combined with the brand’s proprietary strengthening complex, this shampoo is key to stretching the time between salon touch-ups.
10. Best Conditioner: Davines OI Conditioner

This is a cult classic beloved for its ultra-hydrating, divinely-fragranced formula. Buttery, decadent, and infused with antioxidant and beta carotene-rich roucou oil, Davines OI Conditioner is equal parts a transformative game-changer as it is a luxe addition to any in-shower hair routine. The difference in texture is undeniable following every treatment: hair is left silky-smooth, more manageable, and simply put, irresistible.


As you can see, numerous salon products will be introduced in the future. All of these products are great because they are practical and have additional benefits. It will help you grow your business because customers will look at their hair differently after experiencing these new products. They may not be aware that they need these products, but once they use them, they’ll be hooked. However, there will be many more salon products that will be launched in the industry to keep yourself educated about them visit us here to become our part of the community at salonshark.

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